We differentiate your needs,  create value services and fulfil these services to meet your global goals such as Financing Service, Sales and Marketing, Management and Administration, Information Technology, Warehouse and Fulfillment, and Creative Design.


We provide hands-on expertise in developing and implementing programs that drive sales force efficiency and effectiveness and translate your company’s sales strategy into positive financial results

Marketing & Promotion

Communicating the success story in a complex media environment is challenging.  At NXG, we train our teams and clients to effectively communicate, market and promote their brand and corporate identity through various means and channel – Press Releases, slideshows, short videos, and podcasts through websites and social media.


Our in-depth knowledge on how to leverage technology and commitment to drive financial operational excellence is the foundation on which we build our outsourcing relationship.


At NXG, we build our marketing creative development on a strategic framework. Our brand strategy involves inspirational ideas that align with action, behavior, communications and design.

Human Resources

Our solutions include Payroll management, Corporate Policy Design and Employees Survey to help our clients shape high-performing cultures and deliver measurable business results.


At NXG, we constantly maintain a certain minimum level of administration staff to prepare for our clients’ ramp up as demand for administration job increases.

Training & Development

At NXG, we strive to create the most effective product knowledge training by developing training programs that motivate learners and produce brand orientated trainings that incorporate our client’s culture and identity into the training.

Customer Contact Management

With a dedicated toll free line, our Customer Contact officers respond, administer and manage our client requests easily to improve loyalty and retention of our clients.

Information Technology

At NXG we provide innovation, work ethic, cost-efficiency and flexibility for companies to outsource from in any given IT related capacities ranging from infrastructure to software development, maintenance and support.

Creative & Design

By defining objectives that focuses on both ‘un-boxing’ and creating a share-worthy end-used experience, we capture the essence of the personality, “look & feel” through color studies and mood boards of textiles and imagery.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Our shipping acumen, NXG’s shipping team is well-versed in the complexities of customs, domestic and international shipments, imports and exports.