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Why Sabah, Malaysia?

Malaysia has been a destination of choice for Global Shared Services and attracting the wave of companies and delivering transactional processes and fair degree of application services.

Kota Kinabalu city aerial view
Kota Kinabalu city harbour view
State buildings landscape view

New generation of companies and those with mid demand have a lower risk appetite and want a specialized but affordable experience are open to the concept of offshoring and outsourcing. Thus, they are willing to pay a slightly higher premium to avail themselves of differential advantages that Malaysia offers.

Reasons for choosing Sabah, Malaysia as a shared service and business process outsourcing center are:

Multilingual competencies in Malay, English, Cantonese, Mandarin by a multicultural and multiethnic workforce

A strategic location in Asia, a hub of business activities

Cost-effective compared to source markets or other Asia and Asia pacific counterparts such as Australia and Singapore

Strong support of organizations involved in development of IT-BP industry, such as the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), which directs and oversees Malaysia’s National ICT initiative, and Outsourcing Malaysia/PIKOM

Located in tier-2/3 cities from the highly penetrated Kuala Lumpur provide cost advantages and access to new pockets of talent

Overall macro-level factors such as a strong economy, political stability, good connectivity, and a developing infrastructure